Digital Pharma Marketing

YourTech20 Webinar Takeaways

Digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry is picking up speed and growing at scale, despite the heavily regulated character of the industry. Our Pharma-focused webinar which we ran in April brought together our specialists, Jens Reufsteck and Tobias Hollritt, in a discussion on the key trends they observe in digital pharma marketing. These are their three suggested action fields for pharma businesses to engage in: digital customer experience strategy, content management via data-driven platforms, and moving into an agile/hybrid productization delivery model for creation of digital assets such as websites or platforms.

Jens: "Imagine that I were a patient or a physician. What would be the meaning of Customer Experience for a pharmaceutical brand?"

Tobias: "Well, basically, there is not such a huge difference. Patients, physicians, or any other HCP target group – they are all consumers in their private lives. Thus, in their professional lives, their expectation towards pharmaceutical brands is driven by the experiences they are making with consumer brands. What they expect is personal communication and respect."

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